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When actions speak louder than words.

Happy new year chasing, and, attracting our utmost dreams.

Here’s to making moves!


Danya x


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The first that comes to one’s mind when we mention the word ” Salad” must be surely, just a toss of random veggies, limited to tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and some lemon dressing.However, It is high time to prove otherwise! & It should be of no wonder, that the idea of Salads is how it is, boring & traditional.

The real essence of food is that it should please our taste buds, by how creative we are in giving it the right taste with the right ingredients, especially if we’re talking about healthy food.It requires only a tad bit of effort, and trying easy, available items around us which also enhance the nutrition value, without adding un-healthy calories.

Exotic ingredients added to salads include : Fruits, nuts, protein with a special dressing which gives it a great unique taste!

One of My all time favorite, called the Quatro Stagioni(Meaning four seasons), consists of a special mix of Mandarins, Strawberries, Romaine lettuce, avocado slices/ Caramelized walnuts/ Yummy soft brie cheese with orange balsamic dressing. A great combination of all macro-nutrients, Carbohydrates, healthy fats & protein! Bon appétit

The Quatro Stagioni

The Quatro Stagioni

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Knowing about the opening of Kcal in Dubai mall,and Tasti D’Lite having a branch there,called for a true Healthy food journey,a day dedicated just for trying these restaurants out.We must agree that coming out of Dubai Mall,resisting all those fine temptations must be a great achievement considering the immense amount of tempting Restaurants & cafes!

So what exactly is special about these healthy restaurants & sweet treats ? Here are some pictures of what i ordered 🙂

Lunch at Kcal

Our first stop,Lunch at Kcal!
Top Meal was what i ordered : Pasta free lazagne ,it’s basically minced meat with sliced aubergines & low fat cheese! and it tastes just as good as the normal lazagne,but lighter ! Nutrition Facts : 290cals,9g of fat,30g of Protein,& 20g of Carbs!
Bottom Left was what my mum ordered : Veggie burger with 233cals,3g of Fat & 45g of Carbohydrates,great for those who love veggies/Vegetarians!
Bottom right,what my sister ordered : Chicken curry with steamed rice,recommended for those who love spices! 280 cals,4g of Fat,20g of Carbs and 31g of Protein!
And this is how you dine out healthy 🙂

Tasti D'Lite, Dessert your guilt!

Our next stop,satisfying our sweet tooth the healthy way at Tasti D’Lite!
Bottom Left : Catwalk cow low fat chocolate fondant,145 calories of heaven !! ❤
Bottom right : Mini Vanilla icecream sandwich with peanuts !
Healthy,Delicious & too good to be true!

It was lovely  trying these healthy yet Tasty treats,  If you’re a healthy eating  junkie,do not miss them! Having restaurants that offer healthy choices  makes it easier to make healthy choices! and not only that,but the food  choices offered are amazing &  not for a second would you refer to them as the usual “Healthy & tasteless”, Can one ask for more than Healthy & delicious? 🙂

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Why i love jogging ,

When i jog i feel the whispers of cold breeze brushing over my face,

When i jog,i appreciate the beauty of nature: the brightness of the sun ,the beauty of the moon,the twinkling of the stars,

When i jog,i can feel my heart’s need to be healthy,pumping more blood and expanding for the sake of keeping me running,

When i jog,i feel the fat burning,burning into ashes,

When i jog,my mind is free,free of all Negative thoughts,problems&worries that can annoy the human kind,

When i jog,i think of how much god has given us blessings that we  fail to appreciate  because of the daily distractions,

When i jog,i feel like jogging forever,to maintain my state of positive thoughts,and forget reality…

Let me just jog,jog forever…

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