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The first that comes to one’s mind when we mention the word ” Salad” must be surely, just a toss of random veggies, limited to tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and some lemon dressing.However, It is high time to prove otherwise! & It should be of no wonder, that the idea of Salads is how it is, boring & traditional.

The real essence of food is that it should please our taste buds, by how creative we are in giving it the right taste with the right ingredients, especially if we’re talking about healthy food.It requires only a tad bit of effort, and trying easy, available items around us which also enhance the nutrition value, without adding un-healthy calories.

Exotic ingredients added to salads include : Fruits, nuts, protein with a special dressing which gives it a great unique taste!

One of My all time favorite, called the Quatro Stagioni(Meaning four seasons), consists of a special mix of Mandarins, Strawberries, Romaine lettuce, avocado slices/ Caramelized walnuts/ Yummy soft brie cheese with orange balsamic dressing. A great combination of all macro-nutrients, Carbohydrates, healthy fats & protein! Bon appétit

The Quatro Stagioni

The Quatro Stagioni


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