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A chill, relaxing brunch hour at Vogue cafe, Shoe level district. Got to love Dubai mall in early mornings, so calm!❤️ 


Brunch menu options, looking for the best & healthiest


Floral Tea


Greek yogurt with raspberry compote, Plain croissant & a little bit of fruits ❤️



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This is not really one of my typical ” Nutrition,food,health”posts (You might find something related to it though :-p) but i decided to share it anyway !  So today i realised, i have a thing for photos of couples(some of which occupy my cover photos on facebook),i find them SO beautiful & charming.You can tell so much from a photo of two couples,be it expressions,emotions,feelings or whatever you can see.However,i will leave you with some of my favorite photos that will speak much more than what i’ll say!


Sharing the health & happiness! It all started with this photo i took while studying from my Nutrition book,and also happenned to use it in a powerpoint for a Business congress i spoke at as part of the Physical activity topic.


The amount of understanding here is too beautiful.This scene was taken from the movie “Gravity”,too bad Sandra bullock & George clooney did not end up together,my heart was broken.Oh wait,it’s a space themed movie.Bye.


“I love it when you’re healthy’ Yes,i see he’s having strawberries.


Together,No matter how long or how far,palestine is always in mind ~


No.words.to.describe.how.much.i.love.this! “Let’s protect Palestine together”


Love never grows old.


We’re in it together. مع بعض


Let’s dance our Love ~


This photo reminds me of a Quote Magnet that my dad had given my mum 10 years ago (Which is still up on our fridge 🙂 ) and says: “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction”


And finally, to the most beautiful couple with a charming relationship, who happen to be my parents! God bless you both, Love you to infinity and beyond ❤

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World Food Day,a moment to spread the word!

While you are enjoying food & delicacies at the moment,someone else is wishing the last bite you’ll leave.Today,16th of October is the World food day,with all the abundance of food around us ,three million children still die each year from malnutrition.Take part in UNICEF’s “Snap your empty plate” campaign to spread the word about child malnutrition.http://www.unicef.org.uk/Get-Involved/Help-with-your-time/world-food-day-share-your-empty-plate/

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In a free palestine,we have a strong education system,and we make sure everyone gets their share of knowledge,

In a free palestine,noone is poor,we have a strong government that supports the poor,and shelters the needy,

In a free palestine,we dont have what’s called “Politics”,because peace is our language,

In a free palestine,all religions,races,ethnicities&cultures are appreciated,there’s no discrimination whatsoever,

In a free palestine,Everyone is friends! my aunt knows your friends aunt and my dad knows your uncles friend,

In a free palestine,we have an excellent health care system that supports the wealth of the citizens,

In a free palestine,every grain of sand on a land is occupied with an olive tree above it,

In a free palestine,we have a lot of exotic tour sites that will make you want to stay in palestine forever,

In a free palestine,we’re all back to were we belong,practising our passion be it Nutrition,Engineering,Medicine,Journalism,Architecture,Business etc..

In a free palestine,We are who we should be,We are who we are…..

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Our human nature forces us  to look for things,discover,explore,and question what’s around us.But we always end up looking for that one thing,Happinness.

The truth is,you can’t look for happinness,but you can attract it with your state of mind .If you look at things in a positive way,happinness will come to you.I can highly relate our perspective in life with how happy we are.The more positive we are,the happier we feel.Now money does make you happy,but that’s just temporary,why? Because it doesnt fill the void inside of you,we humans,once we own something,it becomes less valuable.We are more likely to be affected by spiritual & emotional aspects rather than materialistic things. Here are a few simple things that make me happy :

1)Find car parking on a crowded day

2)When i see the waiter/waitress getting my food at a restaurant

3)A cold shower after a good workout

4)when your duaa’s(Prayers) have been answered

5)getting a window seat at the plane

6)Getting good grades after a long/tough semester

7)Answering a question that no-one knows in class & Feeling like a genius

8)getting your assignment/project done before time

9)Hummus,Falafel&Olive oil for dinner or Watermelon&Jibneh Nabulsiyeh(Nabulsi cheese)

10)Last day of exams

11)when the roundabout is empty

So,instead of wasting time looking for happinness,it’s time to create it,change your thoughts,create good thoughts & imagine a beautiful life &

Dont worry,just be happy ~

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Why i love jogging ,

When i jog i feel the whispers of cold breeze brushing over my face,

When i jog,i appreciate the beauty of nature: the brightness of the sun ,the beauty of the moon,the twinkling of the stars,

When i jog,i can feel my heart’s need to be healthy,pumping more blood and expanding for the sake of keeping me running,

When i jog,i feel the fat burning,burning into ashes,

When i jog,my mind is free,free of all Negative thoughts,problems&worries that can annoy the human kind,

When i jog,i think of how much god has given us blessings that we  fail to appreciate  because of the daily distractions,

When i jog,i feel like jogging forever,to maintain my state of positive thoughts,and forget reality…

Let me just jog,jog forever…

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