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“Life is getting up an hour earlier, to live an hour more”

A beautiful Early morning breakfast at a place most likely hard to believe is in Dubai.So much greens it reminds me of the tropical nature of Malaysia, pictures speak!


The Barari Pond


Pistachio Waffles weekend treat


Tea please! Having the “Happy forest”: A mix of Red grapes, black currant & berries.


In between the trees & some jasmines.


They told me i can take some flowers! So i picked up a bunch for my room vase.


Just a happy lady in nature land!


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1.Keep a list in mind of everything you thought you couldn’t do.

2.Learn & study how to do it. 

3.Create a plan on what you’re going to do, practice thoroughly & there you go, you have surprised yourself on how much potential you’ve got !

It wasn’t as hard as you thought, you only needed the will to start, the commitment to continue & the dedication to maintain. 

Be Limitless

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Something about them Auroras...

My obsession with this heavenly nature phenomena started when a Finnish friend of mine told me about it(since they have a lot of Auroras back there in finland).In northern latitudes they’re known as “Aurora Borealis” named after the roman goddess of Dawn “Aurora” , and the Greek name for the north wind, “Boreas” .When watching a video about how it looks like,i was literally in a state of trance from the start of the video till the end.It seemed like an unearthly form of beauty,it was just,too good,too good to be true…More like i was enchanted.Those colourful rays of light dancing in the midst of the cold sky,whispering coded messages and not leaving trails after disappearing ~ It makes me happy,it makes me think of how beautiful life is,but Foremost,makes me think of the power of Allah’s creation in giving us such a beautiful phenomenon that makes us ponder upon the beauty of life&Nature.And surely,if Auroras are too beautiful,then how beautiful is the one who created it? Whenever i watch my favorite Aurora video,I fall in love with Nature,more like,i fall in love with The Creator (Allahu subhanahu wa Taa’la)

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