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January has honestly been ah-mazing so far. Beautiful events, weather, places and more.I’ve always loved  this month for all the lovely surprises it gives.This blog is dedicated to show you Jan from my pretty lens out of a few photographs I’ve taken.Enjoy 🙂

18 degrees celcius in Dubai & this morning view, priceless!


Cosy decor at Ralph Lauren’s fitting room, love , love.

Barefoot Lounge, Moonlight, beach, sand & breeze. Yes please.

Typical winter look where i like to wear slight-dark lippies though it’s not my usual.🌂

Pretty flowers growing graceully in our Gardenia.❤️

Radio off.Chillout & Lounge tracks On. Cafe Del mar be a fav, too relaxing🍁

Having a nutritionius Papaya & berry smoothie to kick start my day at the office!(Crazy about papayas lately)!🍹

Going back home -from- work view. ✨


Whole some granola yogurt with mixed nuts & raspberry compote. 🍒


The best of roads starts with God.🌿

Truth be told. 💗 (Pic not taken by me though)

My 2016 agenda is being rebellious & i like it 🙈


Quinoa Feta salad tossed with Pumpkin, grilled red pepper, arugula leaves & pumpkin seeds 🌿


Enjoying a cheat meal in a beautiful corner on a weekend.



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Our human nature forces us  to look for things,discover,explore,and question what’s around us.But we always end up looking for that one thing,Happinness.

The truth is,you can’t look for happinness,but you can attract it with your state of mind .If you look at things in a positive way,happinness will come to you.I can highly relate our perspective in life with how happy we are.The more positive we are,the happier we feel.Now money does make you happy,but that’s just temporary,why? Because it doesnt fill the void inside of you,we humans,once we own something,it becomes less valuable.We are more likely to be affected by spiritual & emotional aspects rather than materialistic things. Here are a few simple things that make me happy :

1)Find car parking on a crowded day

2)When i see the waiter/waitress getting my food at a restaurant

3)A cold shower after a good workout

4)when your duaa’s(Prayers) have been answered

5)getting a window seat at the plane

6)Getting good grades after a long/tough semester

7)Answering a question that no-one knows in class & Feeling like a genius

8)getting your assignment/project done before time

9)Hummus,Falafel&Olive oil for dinner or Watermelon&Jibneh Nabulsiyeh(Nabulsi cheese)

10)Last day of exams

11)when the roundabout is empty

So,instead of wasting time looking for happinness,it’s time to create it,change your thoughts,create good thoughts & imagine a beautiful life &

Dont worry,just be happy ~

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