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Love your body to have a perfect body !

During my Medical Nutrition Therapy class at university,while our professor was explaining to us about managing Diabetes and increasing Physical activity,the slides put on had a series of this photo.The moment I saw it,I felt there was something special about it! Looking at these 3 ladies,you can feel how much Happiness,Joy&Positivity they’re radiating,&regardless of their weight,i would even state them as “Healthy “if you look at it emotional well being wise! However, I could immediately relate it to a very interesting read from The Secret by Rhonda Bynes about “The secret & your Body” that I told myself to keep in mind,which says : “To attract your perfect weight & body using the creative process,follow these steps: 1.Ask,2.Believe and lastly 3.”Receive”,which is what I’m relating to in this photo.The process of receiving highlights that “You must feel good,you must feel good about you,This is important because you cannot attract your perfect weight if you feel bad about your body now,if you do so,you will attract more weight to you.Praise and bless every square inch of your body,think about all the perfect things about you,& as you think perfect thoughts,you are on the frequency of your perfect weight,and you are summoning perfection” Which is exactly what this photo reflects, perfect&happy thoughts = Greater attraction to your goals ! ūüôā


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If i were to explain what i had to go through to attend this All-about-food event you would literally have a good laugh.It wasn’t even in my plans to go,since i¬†had previously had a 9 hour workshop to attend,and assumed that i wouldn’t have time.Upon asking where it was,turns out it is only a 5 minute distance to where i’m at ,and i could not simply miss this chance,well,hello to adventures! Here are some snapshots of exotic food samples (and¬†of course¬†my usual ritual,which is hunting for healthy food!)

photo (84)

I’ve always had a photo of this exotic fruit,but i finally got to actually try it! Known as “Blood Orange” or Arancia Rossa di Sicilia (Red Orange of Sicily), originated as a mutation of the sweet orange,& taste delicious ,has a very unique taste! Available at La Fayette,Dubai Mall!¬†


photo (86)

I don’t really fancy tomatoes,but these Black Italian tomatoes are exquisite, no wonder italian pasta’s have a unique taste!

photo (88)

Catwalk cow Low-fat chocolate fondant,145 calories at it’s finest! If you’re a chocolate lover like me,this would be heaven.I loved this brand ever since i tried their “Low fat Brownie mix” which required adding only yogurt in their recipe!

photo (89)

Mini healthy Brownie treats at the Health Factory,who said healthy can’t be delicious? My next University rotation will be in this factory(Excited) someone will be munching on some delicious healthy food hmmmmm….

photo (90)

Diabetic Dream cupcakes by Bloomsberry at Dubai mall,made with Agave nectar(Sweetener made from Agave Plant),how sweet :)?

Beautiful sugar art! ( Warning: not categorized under healthy :-p)

Beautiful sugar art! ( Warning: not categorized under healthy :-p)

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Being a Fitness addict who works out¬†at least¬†6 times a week,i decided to pass on some tips through this ¬†blog post¬†to kick ¬†start your motivation to¬†exercise¬†if your excuse is one of the following : *I dont have time/I’m too busy* or *I’m not feeling motivated/I dont think i’m fit enough* or ¬†*Gym is too expensive/i can’t afford it* and etc. Well how about you forget all of these excuses and open a new¬†blank page¬†for a new you? If you think again,none of these excuses actually make sense,it’s just the inner you trying to make you lazy,this is the conclusion i have come to when i set a goal last year,and decided to Include¬†exercising¬†as part of my everyday routine! alternating¬†between Running/Dancing/Strength training & Weights.And now,my day is not complete until i workout!

So,how to kill these excuses?  :

1)I dont have time : 1 hour out of your 24hrs day takes only 4 % of your day which isn’t much at all! and if you think 1 hour is a lot,30 mins atleast would be enough! You can Go for a 30 mins run early in the morning before Uni/School or work,it also enhances your mood and makes you feel very refreshed!

2)I dont have the motivation/i’ll never be fit : This should be the last excuse ! You should never feel that you can’t do it or you¬†can’t achieve¬†what you want.Once you start including¬†exercising¬†each day as part of your daily routine,your motivation will become an addiction! And if you think you can’t have the body you want,you’re wrong.We all deserve to have the body that we ¬†want and wish for.Just remember that great achievements need time,if you want to be fit,then be fit,no one can stop you except for your thoughts.Work as though you are going to be fit.The most important thing is to stay committed& never give up!

3)Gym is too expensive: You dont need the gym to make you fit.There are so many ways to be fit without having to go to the gym.Jogging/Running/ Jumping jacks,squats, push ups,sit-ups are all workouts that do not need any gym equipment.


And i will end this post ¬†by saying : ¬†“If you want it good enough,you’ll find a way!


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