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Why i love jogging ,

When i jog i feel the whispers of cold breeze brushing over my face,

When i jog,i appreciate the beauty of nature: the brightness of the sun ,the beauty of the moon,the twinkling of the stars,

When i jog,i can feel my heart’s need to be healthy,pumping more blood and expanding for the sake of keeping me running,

When i jog,i feel the fat burning,burning into ashes,

When i jog,my mind is free,free of all Negative thoughts,problems&worries that can annoy the human kind,

When i jog,i think of how much god has given us blessings that we  fail to appreciate  because of the daily distractions,

When i jog,i feel like jogging forever,to maintain my state of positive thoughts,and forget reality…

Let me just jog,jog forever…


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