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January has honestly been ah-mazing so far. Beautiful events, weather, places and more.I’ve always loved  this month for all the lovely surprises it gives.This blog is dedicated to show you Jan from my pretty lens out of a few photographs I’ve taken.Enjoy 🙂

18 degrees celcius in Dubai & this morning view, priceless!


Cosy decor at Ralph Lauren’s fitting room, love , love.

Barefoot Lounge, Moonlight, beach, sand & breeze. Yes please.

Typical winter look where i like to wear slight-dark lippies though it’s not my usual.🌂

Pretty flowers growing graceully in our Gardenia.❤️

Radio off.Chillout & Lounge tracks On. Cafe Del mar be a fav, too relaxing🍁

Having a nutritionius Papaya & berry smoothie to kick start my day at the office!(Crazy about papayas lately)!🍹

Going back home -from- work view. ✨


Whole some granola yogurt with mixed nuts & raspberry compote. 🍒


The best of roads starts with God.🌿

Truth be told. 💗 (Pic not taken by me though)

My 2016 agenda is being rebellious & i like it 🙈


Quinoa Feta salad tossed with Pumpkin, grilled red pepper, arugula leaves & pumpkin seeds 🌿


Enjoying a cheat meal in a beautiful corner on a weekend.



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When actions speak louder than words.

Happy new year chasing, and, attracting our utmost dreams.

Here’s to making moves!


Danya x

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1.Keep a list in mind of everything you thought you couldn’t do.

2.Learn & study how to do it. 

3.Create a plan on what you’re going to do, practice thoroughly & there you go, you have surprised yourself on how much potential you’ve got !

It wasn’t as hard as you thought, you only needed the will to start, the commitment to continue & the dedication to maintain. 

Be Limitless

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 On a hot sunny day in Dubai, I decided to go to the beach for a good tan & swim. As I was walking by the sea shore listening to my favorite Santorini chillout track along with background whispers of the waves, a conversation between Vision & reality crossed my mind.

Vision asked reality: What should I do to get to you?

Reality answered: Act as if you’re with me & we’ll be one ✨

Danya N

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