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I’m currently writing this post since this week  was the end of my four years at university,woop woop!! Now that it’s a new chapter, Lets say,my dominant feeling is being super excited to dive into this wide world, it feels good !

As i look back, i realize how much I’ve learnt throughout those four years and it also makes me happier to see how much I’ve changed.They say ” Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself ” and i’ll be honest, University  played a major part in this (Of course, apart from the very end of high school and other experiences) .

In the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking of all the great things i learnt and everyday, i give my sister some advice since she’s starting her University year soon. So, upon that, i thought of sharing them perhaps it would  inspire anyone going to university , in terms of how to live a successful college life, follow your passion,how to make the best out of it,how to distinguish yourself and how to have a peace of mind & live in harmony with yourself. So,Here it goes!  :

1.Choose what you love

The decision of what to study is important, but if you feel like your heart knows what it wants, then go for it.Fortunately, my high school grade allowed me to be accepted for both, Dentistry and Medicine.But i questioned myself,was this really what i wanted? No, so not me.My interest in Nutrition and fitness started ever since i was in high school, healthy living was a lifestyle, and i therefore, wanted to Live/know more about it in university. Also, don’t let a major define itself by what others day, for eg : This is not nice, this is too difficult or not fun, etc. If you love it enough,you’ll rule it!

2.Be Positive

Let me say this again, P O S I T I V I T Y does wonders, Positivity is an attitude.It makes you see the opportunity in every difficulty, and not the difficult in every opportunity.I remember, having an assignment where i had to submit the word document of a poster online to be checked for plagiarism,the % plagiarism was very low, and when we say “Plagiarism” lets be honest, that’s every students dilemma.I stayed up all night working on the poster,saying to my self ” I can do it”.Poster was sent, and next day i receive an email from the professor, ” There is 0% Plagiarism, You can go ahead and print the poster”. It was such a happy moment!


Determination will take you to where you want to be, and if not, it will take another route which you don’t know of, but with the same desired outcome.Always go after what you want and never ever give up.Most importantly,don’t let other people’s voices dim your motivation and determination, put it on silent, and move ahead.Also,One key to staying determined is to visualize the desired goal.It will happen!

4.Be Different and Innovative

Stand up for something, and don’t follow the crowd.A quote i really like says ” Those who follow the crowd will usually get lost in it.Always, always think of ways to do things differently, and most importantly have the courage to do so.I always keep in mind one of the best tips whenever i work on anything, it’s from a book called ” Whatever you think, think the opposite” , where it says : ” The best piece of advice ever given was by the art director of Harper’s Bazaar, Alexey Brodovitch, to the young Richard Avedon, destined to become one of the world’s great photographers. The advice was simple: ‘ASTONISH ME.’ Bear these words in mind, and whatever you do will be creative”. If what you do doesn’t astonish the person receiving it, then it’s not different.

We had a research topic to choose for a clinical setting ( To be honest, i do not like clinical/Hospital settings), however i had an interest in a certain field in nutrition so i told my professor that i wanted another topic, she said ” Well, i’m looking forward to reading something unusual” , as we recieved the assignment after correction, she noted down “Innovative”, we also got an excellent grade, and i’m telling you, it’s so much fun working on what interests you.I also went as crazy as spraying some perfume on my Portfolio to make it memorable, the tutor told me ” I love opening your portfolio”. Oh how i love crazy ideas! ❤

5.Visualize what you want

Visualizing what you want has an invincible power, it works to the point where it’s like miracles happening one by one. I might be an over dreamer, imagining so many things and having everything i want but i enjoy it. I remember doing a role play while driving to uni during my second year at University, pretending as though i was a Speaker in front of an audience at a conference, talking about top health news etc. It’s funny because i was very serious  ( & I think drivers would think i’m crazy talking to myself  lol) Anyways,during my 3rd year, we had a community project where we get to choose a setting to give a health education program. After a meeting with the director of the setting discussing the purpose of the project i managed to get an approval to have our program conducted at their site.Later,Whilst i was walking to my car, i get a call from the secretary telling me ” The director is inviting you to be a speaker at un upcoming business congress because he liked the way you presented, are you up for it? “, and of course i said yes without thinking.

So  remember, visualize = more likely to happen!

6. Be Active, not passive

Don’t be that person who’s either a nerd, memorizes everything for the sake of getting good grades nor the person who does nothing but ask what did we do in class today.Be distinctive, the one who’s curious, works hard, studies & active.Know more than what you receive, or as they say “Don’t be spoon-fed”. The more you know, the smarter you become!

7.Go out there!

Conferences, events, activities, talks etc. be out there, you learn so much and connect with many!  whether it’s university related or not.Also, i much recommend doing things and going to events not through the university, be initiative!  and this is also part of my previous tip “Be Active, not passive!

8.Know what you fear,do it.

I was part of a conference that was going to be held in the college of Islamic studies.While discussing the topic with my professor, he told me : ” I highly recommend you present in Arabic”, since the audience would be mostly arabic speaking .Whilst Arabic is my native language, i never got to actually ” Present, at a conference, in Arabic” since i studied at an English school.Then i thought to myself, “This is going to be a new experience,let’s just do it”

Presentation was done,it went great & felt so relieved.

It feels so much better to overcome your fear rather than keep it inside, if you never try you’ll never know!

9.Sometimes, stress is good.

If you have exams, or a project/assignment due and feel stressed, that’s good. Stress is a drive and it’s good when you learn how to direct it efficiently, in the right way.Stress encourages you to work harder to achieve the goal that you want, perhaps getting a top grade or even wanting a certain outcome when working on a project. If you don’t feel stressed it means you don’t care. Stress + a positive attitude = Results. (Check the Stress/Challenge vs Performance/Happiness/Health graph) , quite interesting!

10.Nothing is Impossible 

Nothing is impossible once you set your mind to it. We had a course called bio statics ( Which until now, i do not like) . My first mid term grade was not as good as compared to my usual target  grades. When finals came, i said i’m going to study this weird material until  i understand it. I remember not coming out of my room for a whole 15 hours of continuous studying, finals came and i ended up with the grade i wanted ( Though i didn’t expect i’d do as good! ) but well,nothing is impossible!

11.So much to do? DON’T Complain.

Do you have so much to do, assignments, projects, research etc.? Do not complain,because it’s the most useless thing you could ever do. Keep it to yourself, & Instead, start working on it. Complaining won’t get your work done.

12.Surround your self with positive vibes

We’re greatly influenced by the people we’re surrounded with, so make sure you surround yourself with positive vibes! Be around those bring out the best in you and believe in you.Do you know where the negative circle is? yes, stay miles,miles away from that. Remember, ” Don’t let anyone dim your light cause it’s shining in their eyes”

13.Got an Idea? Just do it

An idea that comes to your mind without being put into action is just a thought. Ideas are usually brought with an instinct that it SHOULD be done, but sometimes Fear comes in the way. Kick fear aside, and just do it! Chances are great things will happen. If not, did you lose anything? Better to try than keep it in your mind. Adventures are fun, no time for traditional stuff.

14.Participate in clubs & groups

Being part of a club  allows you to learn so much, from Leadership, to socializing, organizing, creating reports and etc.One of the experiences i enjoyed was being part of the UNICEF peer health educator group where we were invited to attend a regional forum on HIV Prevention in Dubai.We met a lot of other teams from different countries and got to work with people from different age groups to come up with suggested solutions for the United Nations to combat HIV, it was so much fun!


Team work is Awesome and so much fun. I’m glad to have worked with a variety of teams in Projects and assignments, it’s great cause you get to learn how to Lead and deal with different people, the hard working, the lazy, & etc. If you had to work with a not-so-hardworking team, leading the team is all in your hands, create a culture of motivation, creativity and fun, with a purpose of being innovative rather than just get the job done. Luckily, my graduation research team was awesome, since we’ve already worked together in previous projects to the point where all of us would be just as enthusiastic! Work hard and have some fun in there, great results!

16. Look for fun ways to study

While i don’t enjoy studying, i look for fun ways to do so. Studying is sometimes boring for me because i have to sit in one place,and i just don’t like that. I LOVE to move which explains it. So what i do is, i take a 15 minute break and dance in between ( Zumba, salsa, hip hop or even a mini workout! ) And by the way, my grades are quite good lol (just to be sure, not  to seem like i’m playing around lol)  In fact, it regenerates your brain! Walking while reading the handouts is good, pretend that you’re explaining the material to a class or an audience.

I also remember studying by the pool with my brother for our midterms, even taking my handouts to the gym!

17.Prepare well for your exams

Being a top student could be every University student’s goal. But what do they do differently than others? they prepare well. Make sure you understand all the material required, ” Understand” and not memorize, because this will allow you to implement your understanding when answering a question that has been re-formulated indirectly. One of the tactics that really worked with me was putting your mind in that of the professors and expecting what they could get accordingly, focusing on and identifying the most important points will help you so much. And remember,never leave out anything.


Journals, Newspapers, Books, Social media, Just know “What’s in” .Feeding your brain is very important, and it’s always good to know more than what you should. The more you read, the more you learn, and the more likely you’ll have the skill of being able to link things together.Make sure you borrow books from the University library, and it could or could not be related to your major. My dad once gave me a note with a Shakespeare quote on it that i still have up on my bulletin board, and it says : There are 3 things you should do to be successful, first one is : Know More than others (Reading is one way to do so) 2.Work more than others. 3.Expect less than others. Living by this does wonders.

19.Make time for Health & Fitness

A healthy mind is in a health body. This is not a motto i’m saying cause i’m a Nutritionist, but really, eating healthy and staying active makes you feel so much better, and you’re more likely to focus. First of all, you’re serving your body with what it needs from the right sources.Giving your body the wrong fuel creates an imbalance, so make sure you have healthy snacks around while studying, even pre-pack your meals for university and have your 2-3 L of water a day. Exercising is a natural mood booster, makes you happier, as well as keeps you fit. Nothing feels better than being healthy!

20.Have good connections with your Professors

Being nice to your professors is very rewarding. Greet them in the morning, in the corridor or elsewhere.Visit their office and ask how they’re doing without wanting anything from them.Sweet gestures like cookies can make their day!


Always wear it. Smiling can make someone’s day, and creates a lot of positive energy. You also look so much better smiling than not having it on your face! Smiling also feels good!

22.Believe in Yourself

This is probably the most important thing to conclude.Believe that you have what it takes, with the right attitude and determination,nothing can stop you.Also,do not let anyone make you doubt yourself, because no one has the right to.


To sum up, university is a great experience ! Go out there, be active, explore, create, and contribute. It is also the time where you create and discover yourself, you go through so many things but after all, it’s part of the school of life so enjoy the process ! Learning is an endless process, but you have to know how to learn the smart way.


University is what YOU make of it, so go out there and make the best out of it!

Much Love x




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