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Knowing about the opening of Kcal in Dubai mall,and Tasti D’Lite having a branch there,called for a true Healthy food journey,a day dedicated just for trying these restaurants out.We must agree that coming out of Dubai Mall,resisting all those fine temptations must be a great achievement considering the immense amount of tempting Restaurants & cafes!

So what exactly is special about these healthy restaurants & sweet treats ? Here are some pictures of what i ordered 🙂

Lunch at Kcal

Our first stop,Lunch at Kcal!
Top Meal was what i ordered : Pasta free lazagne ,it’s basically minced meat with sliced aubergines & low fat cheese! and it tastes just as good as the normal lazagne,but lighter ! Nutrition Facts : 290cals,9g of fat,30g of Protein,& 20g of Carbs!
Bottom Left was what my mum ordered : Veggie burger with 233cals,3g of Fat & 45g of Carbohydrates,great for those who love veggies/Vegetarians!
Bottom right,what my sister ordered : Chicken curry with steamed rice,recommended for those who love spices! 280 cals,4g of Fat,20g of Carbs and 31g of Protein!
And this is how you dine out healthy 🙂

Tasti D'Lite, Dessert your guilt!

Our next stop,satisfying our sweet tooth the healthy way at Tasti D’Lite!
Bottom Left : Catwalk cow low fat chocolate fondant,145 calories of heaven !! ❤
Bottom right : Mini Vanilla icecream sandwich with peanuts !
Healthy,Delicious & too good to be true!

It was lovely  trying these healthy yet Tasty treats,  If you’re a healthy eating  junkie,do not miss them! Having restaurants that offer healthy choices  makes it easier to make healthy choices! and not only that,but the food  choices offered are amazing &  not for a second would you refer to them as the usual “Healthy & tasteless”, Can one ask for more than Healthy & delicious? 🙂


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