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Love your body to have a perfect body !

During my Medical Nutrition Therapy class at university,while our professor was explaining to us about managing Diabetes and increasing Physical activity,the slides put on had a series of this photo.The moment I saw it,I felt there was something special about it! Looking at these 3 ladies,you can feel how much Happiness,Joy&Positivity they’re radiating,&regardless of their weight,i would even state them as “Healthy “if you look at it emotional well being wise! However, I could immediately relate it to a very interesting read from The Secret by Rhonda Bynes about “The secret & your Body” that I told myself to keep in mind,which says : “To attract your perfect weight & body using the creative process,follow these steps: 1.Ask,2.Believe and lastly 3.”Receive”,which is what I’m relating to in this photo.The process of receiving highlights that “You must feel good,you must feel good about you,This is important because you cannot attract your perfect weight if you feel bad about your body now,if you do so,you will attract more weight to you.Praise and bless every square inch of your body,think about all the perfect things about you,& as you think perfect thoughts,you are on the frequency of your perfect weight,and you are summoning perfection” Which is exactly what this photo reflects, perfect&happy thoughts = Greater attraction to your goals ! 🙂


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