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If i were to explain what i had to go through to attend this All-about-food event you would literally have a good laugh.It wasn’t even in my plans to go,since i had previously had a 9 hour workshop to attend,and assumed that i wouldn’t have time.Upon asking where it was,turns out it is only a 5 minute distance to where i’m at ,and i could not simply miss this chance,well,hello to adventures! Here are some snapshots of exotic food samples (and of course my usual ritual,which is hunting for healthy food!)

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I’ve always had a photo of this exotic fruit,but i finally got to actually try it! Known as “Blood Orange” or Arancia Rossa di Sicilia (Red Orange of Sicily), originated as a mutation of the sweet orange,& taste delicious ,has a very unique taste! Available at La Fayette,Dubai Mall! 


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I don’t really fancy tomatoes,but these Black Italian tomatoes are exquisite, no wonder italian pasta’s have a unique taste!

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Catwalk cow Low-fat chocolate fondant,145 calories at it’s finest! If you’re a chocolate lover like me,this would be heaven.I loved this brand ever since i tried their “Low fat Brownie mix” which required adding only yogurt in their recipe!

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Mini healthy Brownie treats at the Health Factory,who said healthy can’t be delicious? My next University rotation will be in this factory(Excited) someone will be munching on some delicious healthy food hmmmmm….

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Diabetic Dream cupcakes by Bloomsberry at Dubai mall,made with Agave nectar(Sweetener made from Agave Plant),how sweet :)?

Beautiful sugar art! ( Warning: not categorized under healthy :-p)

Beautiful sugar art! ( Warning: not categorized under healthy :-p)


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