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Hello everyone!  First of all i want to wish you  all a Very happy Ramadhan,may Allah shower you with all his blessings and i hope you all feel the beauty of ramadhan to the utmost ❤

Since i’m studying Nutrition,my passion for it drives me to relate it to almost everything we practise,& now being : Fasting during ramadan,& to be more specific,i’ll be talking about suhoor meal ideas!

Many of us may not be aware of the benefits of suhoor,& to be honest,i myself never used to have suhoor thinking that it will bulk me up,this could be the reason why i felt energy-less from the moment i woke up.This is the first ramadan where i have suhoor,i wouldn’t be kidding if i told you,it pulled me through the day,i didn’t feel the Major need to eat,i may have had cravings when looking at desserts in the grocery :p but not major hunger pangs & feeling of exhaustion !

Here are some list of Suhoor meals,and why you should have them ;

Peanut butter : besides the fact that peanut butter tastes heavenly delcious,it surely does have a lot of health benefits!

1) 2 tablespoon of peanut butter provides 7g of protein(According to the peanut butter brand i have “Reduced fat Skippy” ) ,which is considered to be protein-rich,being so,it keeps you feeling full for longer.And to those of you  who are willing to bulk up & build some lean muscles,peanut butter is super since it provides you with the aminoacids required to build them up.

Note : Just make sure you do not exceed the serving size which is 2 Tbsp!  Nutrition facts :

Calories : 180

Total Fat : 12g

Saturated fat : 2g

Total carbohydrates : 15g

Sugars : 4g

Protein : 7g

Ideas : – Peanut butter with whole grain toast + Mini slices of banana

-Spread peanut butter over 2 halves of  an apple as a mini snack

OatsMeal : what’s good about oatsmeal ? It’s high in fiber ! yes i love the word fiber cause it means it keeps you full for a longer time! how? focus a bit,i tried to make this as not-so-scientific as possible  : As the soluble fiber of oats is digested,it forms a gel,which increases the thickness of the food in the stomach & small intestine,this thickness of the Oats in your tummy makes stomach emptying very slow, so you would feel that you still have left overs during the hours of fasting.

Ideas : My all-time favorite oatsmeal Flavour is the “High Fiber Cinnamon Swirl” by the brand Quaker,what makes it awesome? The nutrition facts & definitely,the mouth-watering cinnamon flavor 🙂

Serving size : 1 packet (45g)

Total Fat : 2g

Saturated Fat : 0.5g

Total carbohydrates : 34g

Dietary Fiber : 10g , Soluble fiber : 8g  (Thats 40% of the daily value which is hella awesomeee  !!)

Sugars : 7g ( Now this is what i usually look at before buying any cereal/oatmeal brand,if it’s 7g grams or less,it goes directly into my shopping trolley ^_^ ,we want less fat and less sugar,& by the way : Extra sugar can be converted to fat,so be smart,& choose right 🙂 )

Protein : 4g

Choices : 1 cup of Low fat/or fat free milk, & For those who don’t like milk : you can use water/ or tea !

Typical MiddleEastern Platter : Well,we all love the typical Khubiz (Bread) and as we say (Nawashef) which includes : Eggs,Hummus,Labneh(Yogurt),Jibneh(Cheese), zaater and zeit zaytoon (Zaater & olive oil) since this is what our parents & grandparents are used to eating  ! but guess what? I find this a perfectttt  meal! Make sure you put a mini serving of each option to make it look as though your plate is full! you can have half a loaf of bread (it’s Preferable to go for whole grain,again more fiber!)  1 egg : High in proteing,again keeps you full for a longer time! Hummus : Also rich in protein,gotta love itttt with a bit of olive oil ❤

Fruity suhoor : If you love fruits(Just as much as i do) you can have any beautiful fruit for suhoor,my favorite being apples,and i would recommend apples not because i love them! but cause they’re high in fiber(And again,it keeps you full) not to forget they’re crunchiness give a heavenly fresh taste ! ❤

Another option is Bananas : They contain 16% of the daily recommended fiber intake,and again this is super(Remember when anything is high in fiber,this food is officially labelled as awesome on my list ,since it keeps you full!)

Any other fruit option would be great,as long as you consume some.Fruits are contain healthy sugars & important vitamins and minerals that are required for the healthy functioning of body processes.

Ideas : You can have a fruit with Low Fat Yoghurt (Add some sliced almonds as a topping with  1tsp of cinnamon to give a sweet n’ spicy flavour)

Reminder : DO NOT FORGET TO DRINK WATER. we often forget about consuming our daily 8 cups of water during ramadan which often leaves us dehydrated on the second day! so please don’t forget it,make sure you keep a bottle of water next to you before sleep!

Well,this is the end,I hope these suhoor ideas will be helpful & the they would ease the hunger throughout your day! ^_^ & Remember most importantly,Ramadan feeds the spirit first & then  benefits the body 🙂  I wish you all a Spiritual, healthy & beautiful ramadan! may allah accept your fasting! Ramadan Kareem ~


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